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How SafetyCurtain Helps

SafetyCurtain is an international charity helping people outside of the UK only - our small grants mostly assisting those living in war zones, very extreme poverty or life-threatening political conflict.


We can help struggling actors and performance practitioners outside of the UK with small grants. 


Usually less than $1,200, to help with essential living costs and personal medical bills.


Those in need of help make contact and complete a grant application form.


Submissions are private and confidential in accordance with our current GDPR policy.

Apply for Help


Grant applications are reviewed quarterly.


As a small charity we are able to move swiftly to assist successful applicants

Some of the beneficiaries we help

* Donations via our JustGiving page include an option to add GiftAid to your pledge - it doesn't cost you more but can boost further the value of your generous gift to the charity.

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