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An international lifeline for performers at risk across a dangerous world

Keeping the flame of culture alive in the darkest times

Listed alphabetically by nation, not all beneficiaries choses to be profiled, or name checked as circumstances in their home counties could place them and their fellow artists in danger. If they have a web presence or social media accounts searching for a company's name in a search engine will signpost you accordingly.


Please use the contact form to make enquires regarding a specific beneficiary.

Addis Ababa - assisted Adugna Community Dance and Theatre Company training street children and inspiring two founding members to launch Destino Dance Company.


Argentina - supported Casa del Teatro community home and performance space for retired performers.


Baghdad - subsidised The Independent Film School training directors, camera operators and technicians.


Bosnia and Herzegovina - helped establish the Mostar Music Centre bringing music therapy to those traumatised by the war in the country.


Brazil - assisted Maje Mole Dance Company training street children, many later forging careers on Brazilian television variety shows.


Chechnya - supported the fledgling Daimock Youth Dancers, who went on to tour internationally.


Chile - helped fund a life-saving operation for an actress.


Czech Republic - provided sustenance for dancers who lost their homes in disastrous floods.


El Salvador - subsidised Music for Hope providing a vital creative outlet for young people in the Bajo Lempa region who might otherwise be drawn into street gangs.


Gambia - assisted a local music teacher passing on the skills to play the country’s ancient 21-string kora instrument.


Kenya - help the 5Cs Human Rights Theatre Group led by Kenyan women using live performance as a platform for change addressing social issues affecting their communities.


Nairobi - subsidised Anno’s Africa’s dance classes for children living in slums helping them aspire to brighter futures.


Nigeria - support Jos Repertory Theatre by paying for life-saving medicines for some of the company employing performance to raise civic issues, from AIDS awareness to agricultural best practice.


Palestine - help The Freedom Theatre community-based theatre and cultural centre on the West Bank.


Peru - assisted Ballet San Marco helping young people training to dance.


Syria - support several Syrian refugees displaced by the relentless and ongoing civil war, including puppeteer Walid 

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