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About us

SafetyCurtain assists performers in peril outside of the UK in more than 20 countries around the world.


Many of the creative practitioners we assist with our small grants live in countries that are scarred by extreme poverty, hardship and/or devastating ongoing conflict.


Founded in 1999, and formerly called the International Performers’ Aid Trust, the charity was the brainchild of Hugh Manning, Equity president and former chair of the International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF).

Sir Richard Attenborough was our first supporter, starting us off with a generous donation, and later the charity was driven energetically and with great panache by president Alan Rickman and others. 

SafetyCurtain is a charitable trust maintained by a one day a week paid secretary, a cohort of 17 passionate Trustees, supportive Patrons and our president Lucian Msamati

President - Lucian Msamati

"We build bridges and make connections through the stories we tell. In tumultuous times, these connections are a spiritual and practical imperative."


"Join us as we strive to strengthen those bonds and support those who dare to tell the great human stories that enrich us all." - Lucian

Photo of SafetyCurtain President Lucian Msamati
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