Meet the team...

Jo Cameron Brown


As our late president Alan Rickman often said, 'It is a basic human need to be told stories.' So when our story-tellers - in music, drama, dance and film - find themselves in stricken circumstances, we can enable them to continue telling their stories.

Tim Wapshott

Vice Chair

The charity’s grants are proof that a little can go a very long way to improve lives - as vital as ever in an age where even long-standing democracies are failing to support their poorer citizens.

Kelly Burke

Equity representative/Trustee

I’m very pleased to be representing Equity at the charity and to be involved in its efforts to assist vulnerable international performers, for whom there is often no other support in place.

Souad Farris


Actors, writers and creatives are often the first to suffer under extreme politics. I have a passion to help carry the work of the charity forward.

Janet Henfrey


Without our help some struggling performers and their families around the world would literally go without food and water.

Caron-Jane Lyon


I offer my combined skills and network to help support fellow professionals less fortunate, struggling in circumstances I can only imagine.

Mia Gulati


By assisting people internationally who have no one to turn to, we offer them the means to survive and hope for their future. 

Frances McCarthy


Mary Roscoe


I have seen the difference we can make to artists' daily lives who live in very difficult circumstances. I need and want to give something back.

Rosamund Shelley


I am so proud we are able to support performers world-wide, who are unable to work in their own countries, for no fault of their own, or who are making such a difference in their own communities, which can't afford to, or will not, support them.

Peter Searles


Artists all around the globe play a vital and difficult role in an ever more troubled world. I believe it is essential we give them all the support we can and  I am delighted to be part of a unique organisation that fulfils that role.

Ian Scott


John Sweeney